Didi Carlsens Doesn’t Get It

BriceW at webtv.net BriceW at webtv.net
Sun May 18 08:11:57 EDT 2003

I am so thankful to read the posts of Didi’s contact info.
She would get chewed out at Carlsens for giving too big of a discount.
I tried calling Carlsens after she left and it is an utter waste of
time. You might as well go to your local dealer and avoid the shipping
charges as the prices are now the same as you would pay at any
And the knowledge, service and help are now abysmal. They act like they
are doing you a favor now to talk with you and they don’t know diddly.
They just don’t get it. It is far better to make a 10% profit with a
bunch of sales from all over the country and world than a 30% or 40%
profit to your local customers only. It is stupid business and very
shortsighted and they will loose a lot of money.
Carlsens should be removed from all of the Audi lists so people don’t
waste their time when they could just go to the local dealer and get the
same deal.
I for one will go to Didi in her new venture.

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