Carlsens, too funny....

Mon May 19 12:19:49 EDT 2003

> It is far better to make a 10% profit with a bunch of sales from all over the country and world >
than a 30% or 40% profit to your local customers only. It is stupid business and very
> shortsighted and they will loose a lot of money.

Really?  Are you sure about that?  Do us listers a favor and send Carlsen a breakdown of the
relationship between margin, inventory, overhead expenses, etc and once they see the error of their
ways I'm sure they'll rectify the situation.  Once an expert has spelled it out for them they might
even re-engineer their business to become THE source for vintage Audi parts at discount prices.  We
will all win.  We'll get great prices and Carlsen will clearly make a fortune by filling this little
known gap in the parts supply industry.  C'mon ;-)

Royal aka 16RoT

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