Steer clear of Frams

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Mon May 19 17:38:38 EDT 2003

I don't disagree, having low oil pressure in my 200 attributed  to a Fram
filter. But I think it is kind of funny, I was at the National drag races
this weekend in NJ, and while walking the pits and checking the Really Big
HP machines, what do I see sticking out of a mega bucks nitro top fuelers
engine...A big ole Fram filter.
    Want a little bigger fuel pump? They said the fuelers put out 65 gallons
per minute!!
Oh, and top speed there was 330.7 mph and e.t. 4.48 seconds. Sorry, got a
little off track.

Gary Martin
94 UrS4
91 200 TQA... both Framless

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> Many of us on the main list have said this 'till we are blue in the
> face, but people just never learn- another lister lost his
> turbo-conversion 90 to a Fram filter.
> The minuscule element is held together at top and bottom with
> cardboard, and the filters usually lack BOTH a bypass valve and the
> checkback valve, both of which are a requirement.  He's not the first
> to have the filter collapse on him and munch an engine- so far two
> other listers on the main list have echoed "happened to me too".
> Mahle, Mann, Mobil 1- all are fine filters and have the features
> necessary to keep your engine happy.  Fram filters are orange for a
> reason- it means DANGER, DO NOT USE.
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