chip follow up

Richard Tanimura Richard at
Tue May 20 00:40:47 EDT 2003

As some of you know, I have installed some MRC chips about a week ago. Here
are some of the things I have learned about getting the most out of power

Build a pressure tester. This is a must have tool. I ran a pressure test
this afternoon and immediately found a loose hose clamp. Boost jumped 2-3
psi!!! I'd fire the mechanic except he was me :-(

I suspect I still have a few small leaks but the car feels much more
aggresive and responsive now. The problem - and I mean this seriously
because I don't take any pride in breaking the law - is that to test the
car's potential, you have to run it way over the speed limits. I guess each
of us has his own take on that and solves it his own way.

Being cheap, I was running 95 RON gas. I switched to 98 RON and it makes a
difference. I guess the lesson is, if you want real power, buy good gas.

The chips deliver. The car has run well the whole time. But as I
successively sort the problem, performance makes small jumps. I think as a
last measure, I will increase the WG spring pressure.

Can't wait to take this car to the Autobahn and run it with a clear


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