Intermittent Wiper Setting 91 Avant

Steve Sherman spsherm at
Mon May 19 22:52:44 EDT 2003

Well I have almost got the intermittent setting on the wipers figured
out.  But seeing as we have several days of wet weather in our forecast,
I thought I would see if anyone on the list can give me the straight
scoop on how it really works.

The Audi owners manual claims the inter function is fixed at a 5 sec
delay.  This is not true, as most always if I just turn the wipers on
from the off position, they run in low speed, eg no delay. Also the
wiper switch arm has a reset switch and a mystery position which is down
from the off position; both not mentioned in the manual.

It seems that if turn the wipers to low, then hold the reset switch and
move the arm to the below off, mystery position for x secs, then move
the arm to the intermittent position; the wipers will be set to an x sec
interval.  This is pretty repeatable, and it may just be my missing a
step on the times that it fails.  Odd thing is that the interval is not
saved, and needs to set again after you go to the off position.

Is this how the intermittent is supposed to work?  Seems awful awkward
do do this little number each time you want intermittent. Especially in
mist conditions, where you run the wipers for a while, turn them off,
then run them again.

Anyone know a better way to set the interval, and a way to have it
remembered for next time?


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