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Tue May 20 03:18:18 EDT 2003

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200 20V diagnostic ports are shown here with the blue un-used.
I used Vag-Com for the pulling of codes.  At Ross-Tech.com there is a
community list where people in your area are listed to help others out with
the "scan" tool.
Where do you live? (State)
-HTH - Scott in BOSTON
like a lister said, borrow once for free..... otherwise buy the tool. (in
this case a diagnostic tool from your favorite vendor)


> Ben,
> Yes, you can run diagnostic and check for stored codes without using a
> scan tool.  It is really quite simple.  If you car has a check engine
> light, there is no need to use an LED.  If your car does not have the
> light, the socket should be there so all you have to do is plug a bulb
> in.  If you cannot find the socket behind the dash (behind the three
> small gauges on the right), you can use an LED and jumper as shown on
> Scott Mockry's web site (http://www.sjmautotechnik.com/ecuf20v.html) or
> the Bentley manual.  If you have the light, you only need a jumper wire.
>   As long as you don't short the two wires on the black plug (12V and
> ground), you really can't hurt anything.
> Basically, to run the tests, put a jumper from the L line (brown
> connector, connection away from the clip) to ground (black connector,
> connetion away from the clip or any ground) for 5 seconds.
> I never received an answer regarding being able to run
> diagnostics/checking for stored codes on the 200 20V tq with 3B
> engine.  I referenced Audi service manual/Bentley as well as SJM site
> and the information seems ambigous or incomplete.  I wanted to check
> for stored codes without using a ROSS/VAG-COM or VAG 1551 or equivalent.
> I was just trying to make up a rudimentary harness to run diags using
> the connectors under the dash.  There are 3 connectors Black,
> LightBrown, and BLUE.  SJM site says BLue connector not used, but
> picture shows three connectors.

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