Airbag works after 12+ years

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Tue May 20 10:19:15 EDT 2003


Glad to hear that you are ok...

cars can be rebuilt or replaced.

People can't be replaced.


At 11:57 PM 5/19/2003 -0600, Mike Miller wrote:
>Just so everyone that wondered can rest peacefully, my airbag worked fine
>yesterday on my 91 200q build date July 1990. I hit about 2 inches of hail
>in the left lane at about 65 mph ( speed limit 75mph).  I fought the battle
>for close to a 1/4 mile before completing a 360 into the cement jersey
>barrier at 45+. I suspect the car is totaled. The drivers side headlight is
>barely visible under the hood and the hood will not open.
>The ol' gal did her job in protecting her driver. Air bag popped and my
>worst injury is the burns on my right thumb and left forearm. I don't know
>what they put in those damn airbags, but it filled the car with what looked
>like blue smoke, although, odorless. I suspect that the air bag propellent
>is on the right  side of the steering wheel as it is my right hand that
>suffered the burns, which look like chemical or frozen wounds vs. friction
>or heat wounds. People that saw the accident unfold were amazed that I was
>able to walk away from it virtually unhurt - Horray for Audi safety! I was
>wearing my seat belt!
>No way will I let the car go to auction if it is indeed totalled. Recent new
>parts include  transmission, rack, alternator, ps pump, starter, bilsteins,
>etc. Car is pearl with black interior/ sport seats.
>mike miller
>helmville mt
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