Airbag works after 12+ years

Phil Rose pjrose at
Tue May 20 12:07:09 EDT 2003

At 11:57 PM -0600 5/19/03, Mike Miller wrote:
>Just so everyone that wondered can rest peacefully, my airbag worked fine
>yesterday on my 91 200q build date July 1990. I hit about 2 inches of hail
>in the left lane at about 65 mph ( speed limit 75mph).  I fought the battle
>for close to a 1/4 mile before completing a 360 into the cement jersey
>barrier at 45+.

Owww. So sorry to hear about it. I wince 'cause I too have "been
there", in my first '91 200q (Dec. 1997). I can imagine the mixed
emotions you felt: the euphoria of being able to walk away relatively
unscathed--followed by the sadness of seeing your wounded 20V beast.
My car's final ballet movement consisted of a 180 spin followed by a
180-degree flip onto its roof (that qualifies as a "360" the hard
way, I suppose.)

My accident fortunately didn't involve contact with any fixed object,
so I missed having the extra excitement of airbag deployment. The car
was totalled, however. My only "injury" was a scalp abrasion (like
Royal, I have lots of scalp) from the little metal button at the top
of my baseball cap (even the seatbelt couldn't prevent some contact
with my poor car's slightly "modified" roofline.) According to Art
Mayhew, after being towed to his shop the car  could be started and
driven into the garage.

Glad you're OK.



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