2 Front end noise

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I was sort of eavedropping on this. You plan to put FUCHs on the Audi. Cool.
I was thinking that if I go to RS2 hubs in order to get the Porsche brakes
and calipers, I need wheels too.

BTW, you have been very quiet about your chips. Mine are stomping. And I
want to trade some results and tweeking experience with you guys. What's
happening over there?


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Tires are Yokahama AVS - AV1-60i 225/60 ZR15 and have been on the car
since I got it.  They have about 80% tread left.  The noise has been
present since I got the car, though it varies, so it was not that
noticeable when I first drove it.

It could very well be tires, or bearings or rotors.  The noise seems to
have subsided a little after I cleaned the rotors when pads replaced
and bedded - there was a lot of rust buildup and pitting.

I plan to redo the front struts installing Bilstiens, H&R springs, new
tower bearings(one is definately bad), and new wheel bearings.  This
won't be done for another month.

I may install my FUCHS with different rubber and see if it makes any

In the past, this kind of noise has been a wheel bearing for me, though
tires can do it too.  This would be the first AUDI/VW I had a front
wheel bearing go before 130kmi - unless it had been worked on and
rolled around with loose axle nuts.


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> Did you get new tires recently? somtimes a background humming
> sound can come from tires with an aggressive tread.
> Alan
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> > i had loose lug nuts make that noise, almost bought a bearing.
> > HTH -Scott in BOSTON
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> noise than
> > > the bearings.  Sounds kind of like an airplane, and on some
> surfaces> > like a helicopter, no?
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