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Tue May 20 16:24:07 EDT 2003

The chemical is sodium azide, when it is set off the gas is nitrogen..oxygen
would cause some more severe health problems like an explosion.  The burns
would be caused by the heat of the reaction and one of the products sodium
metal which ignites when exposed to air, although there are additives to
react the sodium to minimize this.  In any case I will take a facial burn
over a trip through the front window.  (I know some people find airbags to
be too dangerous, but I would prefer one).
just some trivia
-Joshua Cummings
91 200 Avant
73 Alfa Romeo GTV..w/o airbag  :)


The compund I can't recall, (azio- something) but if my organic chemistry
teacher was correct, It's a powder that is highly reactive when ignited, and
liberates large volumes of O2 very quickley.

I've walked through a lot of salvage yards, and yes the Audi does very well
in collisions. Glad to hear your OK.

Have you considered picking up a low priced 4000 and doing a transplant?

Imagine the power reserve....

Dr. Gratz

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