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Tue May 20 16:36:35 EDT 2003

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I would get the metal one, I replaced mine without any problem ( i might
have lucked out ) I let Scott M.  @ SJM ( one of our few list sponsors )
know of the problems some people had. He will checking the bottom mount
threads before shipping. His price was only about $10-$15 more than TPC.
I believe in supporting businesses that support groups that I
participate in. Plus it is nice to know you can email him for help since
you do business with him. Plus he has that wonderful  site with the
answers to our many questions on our unique cars

910200tq slowly getting sorted out

Paul Luevano wrote:

>OK, like a dummy, I didn't pay attention to the radiator discussion, as my
>radiator was fine.  Guess what?  :(
>Radiator is leaking from the top seam, right next to the hose to the aux.
>radiator. At first I though it was the hose, but no such luck.  It is "OK" when
>the car is running, but when I shut the car down, it start puking from the
>seam.  I put some stop leak in, and that helped (I had to get to, and back from
>Concord NH from Boston MA, towing 1 bike up, and 2 back yesterday).  I got all
>the way there and only lost ab out 1/2 the reservoir.  On the way home, I lost
>none until I shut the car off.
>So, what was the consensus?  OEM or metal?  And where is the best place to get
>Sorry for not paying attention earlier.  I will take a look through the
>archives, but was hoping someone remembered the outcome!
>Thanks much.
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