Radiator Follow up

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Before you spring for a new one, try this:  With a pair of gas pliers, try
rolling the aluminum tabs that are crimped over the plastic end header
tighter over the header, one at a time.  You should be able to do this in
situ on the top tank.  There is a rubber gasket between the two and you may
be able to establish enough additional squeeze on this gasket to go another
10 years.  BTDT on an IC.  DFI if IAB!


> From: Paul Luevano <paul at clarity.net>
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> Date: Tue, 20 May 2003 18:12:02 -0400
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> Subject: Radiator Follow up
> OK, like a dummy, I didn't pay attention to the radiator discussion, as my
> radiator was fine.  Guess what?  :(
> Radiator is leaking from the top seam, right next to the hose to the aux.
> radiator. At first I though it was the hose, but no such luck.  It is "OK"
> when
> the car is running, but when I shut the car down, it start puking from the
> seam.  I put some stop leak in, and that helped (I had to get to, and back
> from
> Concord NH from Boston MA, towing 1 bike up, and 2 back yesterday).  I got all
> the way there and only lost ab out 1/2 the reservoir.  On the way home, I lost
> none until I shut the car off.
> So, what was the consensus?  OEM or metal?  And where is the best place to get
> from?
> Sorry for not paying attention earlier.  I will take a look through the
> archives, but was hoping someone remembered the outcome!
> Thanks much.
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