Air pressure tester for intake hoses & IC: 200q20v digest.

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I assume one of the valves has to be open. Never really thought about it.

Nuther question. Should the boost system be able to hold static pressure? Or
is it always leaking off? If so how much static pressure does it hold? I
could be completely wrong, but in my experience, it works like a cylinder
leakdown test. You pressurize and pressure bleeds off. How much and how fast
it bleeds off is the measure of (relative) tightness.


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When pressurizing the intake system to do this check, doesn't air go out
a open valve? Or am I missing something. It seems to be a small brain
day !!!
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>Looks like what I think Brett mentioned a while ago.
>Me likey.......
>-Scott in BOSTON
>Here's the tester I made several years ago - ignore the part about using
>20-30psi, although (luckily) I had no problems with it.
>mike miller
>helmville mt
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