Using Red coolant and flushing the Blue

BriceW at BriceW at
Wed May 21 07:29:22 EDT 2003

I am getting ready to replace the whole cooling system. I have had all
the parts for months  but have been lazy as my neck repair is still
Got all new hoses, new Nissens metal radiator, new aux radiator, all new
mounts for both, new expansion tank and cap, new temp and fan switches,
thermostat, etc,
I just don’t ever want to mess with the cooling system again.
Its a 13 year old car.
Anyway I was going to use the blue antifreeze again and properly mix it
with distilled water which I hadn’t done before always using tap.
I read on Scott’s invaluable site that the red coolant is superior but
you need to do a thorough flush with distilled water.
I was always that once blue always blue and never go red.
So my question is, should I take it to the dealer or mechanic who has a
professional pressure flushing machine and have a thorough flush done
with distilled water and then fill the old system with only distilled
water before I do my cooling system change and then switch to the red. I
don’t think that I can do a proper flush with a garden hose. I have
done it before but I am very leary about doing it this time if switching
to red.
What is the exact recommended mixture for the coolant? I have been just
doing a 50/50? I live in Kansas so the temp never goes below -5° with
wind chill.

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