racing gas

Mihnea Cotet mik at
Wed May 21 15:52:38 EDT 2003


Whatever cats you have, hollow or new, leaded fuel is bad for the oxygen sensor
and destroys it in short time. Furthermore, the ECU can't take advantage of the
racing gas if it's not programmed accordingly, so if you can have a chipset
with 3 more degrees advance at WOT you'll see a difference, otherwise it'll be
just the same, except for your pocket.



Quoting egbert1323 EGBERT <egbert1323 at>:

>    I can get some 110 octane leaded fuel for my track event at Putnam
> Park.
> My 20 valve has 198,000 miles with IA stage III and is in good
> condition. Is
> this a good idea? My cats are hollow!
>                       Thanks in advance, Tom
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