Air pressure tester for intake hoses & IC: 200q20v digest.

Mike Sylvester msylvester at
Wed May 21 10:44:23 EDT 2003

Aren't the valve positions irrelevant?  The throttle body should be holding
the pressure, shouldn't it?

I tested my car last night with a tool that Peter Schulz put together.  My
biggest leaks were the oil cap and the control hose to the TBV.

Mike Sylvester

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> Chuck Pierce <cpcycle at> asked:
> >When pressurizing the intake system to do this check,
> >doesn't air go out a open valve?
> If an intake valve is open, the pressure goes into the cylinder and is
> by the exhaust valve which is usually closed.
> If an exhaust valve is open the pressure usually cannot get into the
> cylinder because it would have to get by a closed intake valve.
> If an intake and exhaust valve are open at the same time (i.e. valve
> overlap) then you have a leak path.
> We need to ask:  Is there overlap?
> Eric Kissell
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