Intermittent Wiper Setting 91 Avant

Kneale Brownson knotnook at
Wed May 21 10:52:57 EDT 2003

At 10:24 PM 05/20/2003 -0600, Steve Sherman wrote:
>Thanks for clearing up the reset switch and the mystery position. Sounds
>like it may be a bad switch or relay.  I was just curious if I might have
>a variable delay relay in there now, with some odd way of setting the
>delay.  I say that only because I have/can get the delay working, sorta.
>I'll experiment some more, without the reset switch and see if any
>repeatable patterns show up.
>Meanwhile, anyone have any recommendations for a variable delay relay (and
>which one is it)?
The intermittent wiper relays with adjustable delay in swipe make the
adjustment by being turned off from intermittent (move lever from first
notch up to the off position) for the length of desired delay (this varies
from relay to relay because some can be adjusted up to 20 seconds and some
for up to 30, I believe) and then being turned back on to intermittent
position of the lever.  I like the adjustment feature most in those
circumstances where the standard 5-second delay is too long, but full-on is
too quick so that you're running the wipers over an essentially dry

If you do a Google search of for intermittent wiper relay, you
should find references to the VW part number that works for our cars.

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