Air pressure tester for intake hoses & IC: 200q20v digest.

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Wed May 21 11:37:26 EDT 2003

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The throttle body will not seal the air pressure.  How I know?  I was able to
detect small leaks at the 3 vacuum hoses that connect on the firewall side of
the intake manifold.  Also, there does appear to at least be some cam
overlap, as you will get some airflow out the exhaust system during the test,
however minimal.

  All the same, the test does work well as a means for troubleshooting any
sort of leak.  If you don't clamp off the crankcase breather system, however,
you will be presurizing the crankcase.  As a result, often a leak will be
heard out of the oil cap and/or dipstick tube.  I think it really helps to
have an ample supply of regulated air.  Otherwise, it may be difficult to
have the time required to hear and find the leaks.
Dave in CO

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