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Wed May 21 23:34:48 EDT 2003


Please understand that whatever the octane racing, if the chip isn't programmed
to take advantage of it, high intake temps will still make the ECU retard
timing. Unfortunately I can't explain too much because that goes into the
Motronic programming secrets I'm not allowed to explain but higher octane and
higher intake temps won't mean same or higher HP as with lower intake temps,

You can still try it and it won't really hurt (except maybe for the O2 sensor,
do a google search on oxygen sensor function and leaded fuel and you'll see for
yourself) but it won't bring much either, except if your chips have crappy
programming and knock is allowed to happen on normal fuel/high intake temps.



Quoting egbert1323 EGBERT <egbert1323 at>:

>    Looks like mixed reasons but I may try it the second day and get a
> comparison. I would like to know how leaded gas hurts the o2 sensor? I
> just
> think the extra octane will be noticable when the car sits idling and
> the
> intercooler heats up and the air charge going into the engine with
> extra
> heat is pressurized enough that knocking is present. Would the timing
> be
> able to stay full advance longer with better fuel?
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