Intermittent Current Drain

Hays Zeigler hzeigler at
Wed May 21 19:06:12 EDT 2003

After not being able to take my '91TQ to the airport to catch a flight due
to the dreaded Audi "broken wires in door jamb" syndrome (window quit in
down  position, of course), I managed to fix the broken wires three days ago
with only minor pain.  While working on the wiring, I heard a faint sound
like a solenoid going in and out (almost like the sound when locking and
unlocking the doors).  It seemed to cycle about every 5-6 seconds.  Other
than to test the wiring repair, which had done the job, I hadn't driven the
car for three+ days.  When I went out this morning to start the car, the
battery was completely dead!

This evening I put the battery on charge without disconnecting the cables
and as the voltage got up to 10-11 volts, I started to hear the clunking
solenoid sound again, accompanied by a sudden rise and drop in voltage!  I
have disconnected the battery cables and am continuing to charge, but I have
a feeling that when it's recharged and reconnected, I'll be back in the same

Any ideas?

Hays Zeigler
'91 200TQ

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