Alignment problem

Bernie Benz b.benz at
Wed May 21 16:23:39 EDT 2003

Steve, my comments:

1.  You need to find a competent alignment shop, or learn to DIY.  Short of
an accident or big pot holes, a well done alignment should not change in
years, and will not bend strut housings.

2.  Why would you downgrade braking performance, UFOs to G60s, and why
change strut housings, inasmuch as both were designed for UFOs?

3.  Good wheel bearings need not be replaced when R & R ed.  Easier to clean
up, regrease and reassemble the old.

4.  More positive camber is easily added, to a limit of the spring perch
hitting the tower, by slotting the anchor holes attaching the upper support
bracket to the tower studs.  Adjustable camber plates can do no more.  A
properly adjusted Benz Strut Brace will give additional + camber.

Check for cracked tower to frame welds.


> From: Steven Hauptmann <hauptmanns at>
> Date: Wed, 21 May 2003 17:16:50 -0400
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> Subject: Alignment problem
> Late last Spring, after converting from UFO's to G60's with used V8 strut
> housings, and installing H&R's, Bilstein sports, new strut bearings, new
> wheel bearings and new control arms, I had a set Dunlop D60 Sport A2's
> installed to replace the worn Michelin XGT VR4's and had the alignment done
> at the same time.
> After having the tires installed, I noticed a slight vibration around 80mph.
> After a having them re-balanced a month or 3 later and realizing little (if
> any) improvement, I chalked it up as a lesson learned. Don't go from a ~$130
> Michelin to a ~$60 Dunlop and expect the same definition of round.
> Fast forward to last weekend.
> Driving to and from Atlanta Ga. (to install a set of Bilsteins on Dad's '93
> 9000CSE { a Saab story}), I noticed the vibration had gotten worse and now
> started at ~65mph. Since this is the wife's daily driver, it had been a
> while since I had anything more than a quick trip in the ole girl.
> So today I took it in to the have the tires checked out. I was feeling
> confident that it might be a defective belt or something on one or more
> tires that was starting to get worse with the 12k or so accumulated miles.
> Well, that was sure a bad guess. The inside of both front tires are very
> worn, to the point of needing replacement. The drivers side tire is already
> bald. Apparently the drivers side camber is way out, at negative 1.7. The
> passenger side is better at negative 0.4.
> I understand that lowering the car  will add some negative camber.....but
> this is obviously from something else.
> My initial guess is that the strut housing is bent, although it LOOKED fine
> upon installation.
> So, this leaves me with the question of how to correct it??
> 1.  Buy another used V8 strut assembly for the drivers side and R&R all
> associated parts including replacement of another $50 wheel bearing? Not
> looking forward to repeating this so soon.
> 2.  Visit a frame shop and see if they can straighten it???
> 3.  Buy an adjustable camber set-up and adjust it out?? (if there's one
> available for the type 44)
> Maybe it's something else?
> Any thoughts?
> Thanks,
> Steve Hauptmann
> Columbia, SC.
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