Alignment problem

Bernie Benz b.benz at
Wed May 21 19:13:04 EDT 2003


You are perpetuating a fat wallet myth, also aiding and abetting those
questionable firms you mentioned who are, among other things, selling rip
off "camber plates"!

The Audi camber adjustment moves the top of the strut within the upper fixed
upper strut mounting plate, without moving this plate, by means of a slotted
camber plate bolted thereto.  This camber plate includes the rubber isolator
and its movement can not be further extended without strut interference with
the internals of the upper spring perch and strut tower.

These rip off aftermarket "camber plates" that you tout are not camber
plates by the above description.  They are redesigned upper strut mounting
plates, which allow movement of the whole top of the strut/spring assembly,
not just the strut within the spring.

None of these rip-off "camber plates", regardless of design, can move the
strut assembly beyond its point of interference between the top spring perch
and the sturt tower.  This movement is limited to about <1/4", which is
easily achieved using the stock upper strut mounting plate by slotting the
mounting holes in the strut tower in this amount.  This can be done in situ,
by dropping the strut assy, several inches and filing the tower holes in the
outward direction.  BTDT.


> From: David Head <v8q at>
> Date: Wed, 21 May 2003 20:00:58 -0400
> To: Steven Hauptmann <hauptmanns at>
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> Subject: Re: Alignment problem
> This is right at normal for a lowered car. You can do ECS camber plates
> for about 325.00, 2Bennett plates at 500.00, or the Igor mod at time
> plus bucks and access to equipment. For some reason the driver's side is
> always worse.
> After installing the ECS plates on my 92 V8 (Eibach/Bilstein) the
> alignment came in spot on - my 90 V8 (H&R/Bilstein) has always been out
> -1.2 and -.5... It will get them next...

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