Alignment problem

Bernie Benz b.benz at
Thu May 22 14:28:49 EDT 2003

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Thanks, Dave.
Please post the info. for the list.  Does the VIN split limit backward


From: David Head <v8q at>
Date: Thu, 22 May 2003 16:15:42 -0400
To: Bernie Benz <b.benz at>, "200q20v at Audifans.
Com"<200q20v at>
Subject: Re: Alignment problem

I'll have to look them up on ETKA - but it is the strut mounting plate and
the 'strut mount'. The strut mount is a much better design from the
standpoint of the 'amount' of rubber in the mount. Makes it much stronger.
They are the same on at least S4/S6 models, which means they are likely to
be the same on the 100/A6 model. There is a definite VIN split listed.
I'll have the answer later this afternoon.

Bernie Benz wrote:
Re: Alignment problem That's good to know, David.  Can you be more specific
about just what parts are backward compatible for camber correction?  Are
these '92 parts exclusive to the V8?
I can take the abuse.


From: David Head <v8q at> <mailto:v8q at>

For one thing, I was replying to someone's alignment issue, and a way to
solve the problem. The 92 strut mounting plates, strut mounts and products
available to correct camber problems are fully backward compatible with all
earlier models including the 200q20V.


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