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> Thanks for the info, Keith.
> As I recall, the 200 damping ring was made in 3 thicknesses, to allow side
> to side leveling of the front suspension static ride height.
> Please refresh my memory, what is the ECS system?
> Bernie

 The ECS camber correction system replaces the oem concave support with a
custom support that has an offset location for the upper strut mount. It uses a
trimmed oem upper spring seat to allow everything to fit correctly.

  I agree that in 90% of the cases camber correction can be achieved without
the use of an aftermarket system of this type but for those cars that cant
this system is a fairly cheap and elegant solution. I have one V8 in the shop on
a regular basis with a stock suspension that's at the limit of its adjustment,
if it were lowered it would definitely need such a system.

 I checked the damper ring listing in both the US and Euro ETKA and there's
no mention of differing thickness, perhaps they stopped supplying them.


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