better rear brakes

Steven Sprague ssprague at
Fri May 23 10:38:39 EDT 2003

Hey All,

    With all the talk of "better rear brakes" on the main q list, I wanted to
hear the 200q20v responses on brake pads.  I am taking my 91 into 2Bennett next
week for front pads on stock UFO's.  I too dislike the dust on the fronts and
would like a better performing pad.  For your info, this car will never be
tracked and no brake upgrade planned in the future.  Am staying with stock
     I've had my share of 17" rims/tires which were fun at the time.  I guess
getting older has me liking the suspension on my 91 verses the jarring feeling
of my old autocross DSP car.  Although I miss the turn-in response of that car.
    What are your feelings on pads you've had experiences with on the 200q20v
and recommendations?

Thanks for your time,
Still sorting out but enjoying the ride!

P.S.  Last night on the freeway on ramp (which went up), blew away an Lexus
IS300.  Yes, he was racing me.  And I have a roof rack with fairing.  My car is
bone stock.  These cars are the best and very stealthy.

l.leung at wrote:

> Another (inexpensive!) brake pad with better than
> OEM performance (greater stopping force, low fade
> in STREET applications, at least for a T44, don't
> know about lighter cars, VERY low dust, excellent
> modulation) is the REPCO/Axiss Deluxe (NOT MetalMasters).
> I got this tip from now apparently occasional
> poster Fred Smith (a.k.a. Smitty), and I've been
> quite happy with the results. In fact, due to an
> availibility problem, I ended up with ATE OEM
> on the rear of my 200Q, and my REAR wheels are the
> ones with the dust problem, not the front.
> LL - NY
> Date: Thu, 22 May 2003 20:41:31 -0400
> From: TM <t44tq at>
> Subject: RE: better rear brakes
> To: 'Brett Dikeman' <brett at>,
>         'no1of consequence' <iin10ded at>, brett.goetz at
> Cc: quattro at
> Brett-
> Without commenting on the stuff about rear brakes, your comments
> on brake pads are, IMHO, off-base.
> One major consideration of a car manufacturer is cost- if ATE can
> make a pad for the application at a low cost compared to some other
> manufacturers while still fulfilling the manufacturer's specifications,
> they'll get the contract.
> Some (but not all) aftermarket pads far exceed OEM specs but usually
> at a significantly greater cost. That said, I am an advocate of using
> better brake pads. IME, aftermarket pads are not necessarily "grabby"
> by any means- I'm very happy with Hawk HPS for street/light track use,
> far better than OEM ATE pads in every regard save cost. I'm also quite
> happy w/ using Mintex Red Box pads in pure street applications because
> their performance IME has been comparable to OEM while producing far
> less brake dust.
> I need to get a new set of Hawk HPS because the OEM Textars are pitting
> and destroying my wheels as I write this.
> Taka

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