Too much negative camber!!

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Fri May 23 14:13:41 EDT 2003

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 All this chatter about front end alignment got me thinking. During the mid
eighties we had four BMW 2002 Tiis that we ran in many different club racing/
driver school events. My car was on some track almost every weekend from April
through October for three years. Ran in many Enduros, 4 to 6 hours. On all 4
cars from our shop and on a few customer cars (BMWs again) we could put the
camber anywhere we pleased. The upper strut mount never moved. We bought a tool
from a company called Branick. Not sure if that is the correct spelling. This
tool bolted up to the hub and strut and would bend the strut housing in or out.
The first car we tried it on was mine. We cranked in 2.5 neg camber on L+R,
reset toe and ran a bunch of weekends. It was time to prep for an enduro. The
car had been running, handling great. Thought with these "bent struts" the
inserts would be a challenge to remove. Not so. They came out clean, on all 4
cars. Maybe I'll dust off that tool and see how these 200 20v struts bend. My kid
brother now has my old Tii. I bet L+R are still sitting at 2.5 18 years later.

          Bill Ferdon
          EuroTech Services LLC
          Montclair, NJ

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