Pics of the accident

Mike Miller mikemilr at
Fri May 23 14:30:35 EDT 2003

The damage estimate is over $14k. I suppose I get to do battle with the
insurance company now to try to get a fair value out of them.

The engine moved back about 3 inches. It still cranks over but will not
start. I have no idea if there is engine/tranny damage but suspect there
very well could be. Based on that, I am leaning towards not buying the
salvage back from the insurance company unless it is very cheap.

I'd be grateful if anyone wants to share recent purchase details on a 91

If anyone wants to guess at the cars value, here are the details. The odo
reads about 150k. New tranny from Germany about 30k mi ago. New UFOs last
yr. New rack, PS pump, starter and alternator last fall. New plug wires.
Timing belt about 30k mi ago. Black interior with sport seats. Interior in
very good condition - one small tear in the drivers seat. Stock Bose radio.
Bilsteins (HD) about 2 yrs ago. Exterior was pretty good with a couple small
door dings - drivers side had new clear coat last fall and the rust around
the rear bumper was also fixed at that time. One season on BFG 225/60/15
touring TAs.Wheels are stock and are pitted.

I guess I'll start looking for another one or something to replace it. Maybe
a 95.5 S6.

mike miller
helmville mt

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