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Fri May 23 13:57:19 EDT 2003


I wrecked my Audi 200 about 3 years ago and even though I could provide
receipts for thousands of dollars worth of things the answer I got from my
insurance company was the value was based on a car in good operating

They indicated that tires, brakes, etc. were all maintenance items and I
wouldn't be reimbursed for them.

I searched the archives and found horror stories of people with
bad experiences with their insurance company.

My ins. co. indicated they would accept documentation of recent Audi sales -
not asking prices, but actual sales.

"True Market Value" versus "What it's worth to me" are often two different
prices.  The best indicator of market pricing for many items is ebay.  A
recent search of completed 1991 Audi 200tq on ebay only shows one in the
last 30 days.  It was described as "METICULOUSLY MAINTAINED" with 134K
miles.  The high bid was a paltry $3750.

Unfortunately, these ones highly sought after cars are not commanding the
prices they once were.

I'll be posting my Pearl 1991 Audi 200tq with 197K miles in the marketplace
shortly.  I'm not expecting loads of money for it.

I'm sure the list is interested in how you make out.  Keep us posted.



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