Too much negative camber!!

Bernie Benz b.benz at
Fri May 23 14:09:32 EDT 2003


Off hand I don't believe that moving the stock strut top out to its
interference point with the tower, by whatever means, would decrease neg
camber enough to approach zero in Rich Berlin's case.  Inasmuch as I have no
first hand experience with the use of the '92 mod parts, I am reluctant to
recomend them.  Maybe you or Keith could lead him to the correct parts.


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> Subject: Re: Too much negative camber!!
> I'll let others speak - but are you saying that you now have a stock
> suspension including stock springs and thats the best they can do?
> Richard E. Berlin, Jr. wrote:
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>> --
>> I have been reading with keen interest the back and forth
>> thread on front suspension issues. Only trouble is, I don't
>> understand a word of it, though I sense it is timely, given
>> my current issue:
>> Recently I bought on Ebay a very low mileage Avant (58k) and
>> had it trucked up from Dallas to Boston. On driving the car
>> (it features 17X*" BBS rims and 235/45 rubber) I was shocked
>> that it wandered all over the road. My mechanic discovered
>> that it had a brand new front suspension featuring a G60
>> brake fit, and apparently, many 5000 parts were used
>> resulting in a narrower front track.
>> Thanks to Mike Sylvester's 200q20v graveyard, all the
>> correct parts have been replaced and the suspension is
>> regulation save Bilstein HD replacement struts. At the tail
>> end of this process, I just took the car to Autobahn
>> Performance in Peabody, MA--a shop famous for their
>> excellent alignment work, and they report that they can not
>> achieve negative camber on the front wheels lower than -1.2.
>> Question: what shall I do/buy in order to make possible
>> reduced negative camber of (-.5). If you'll just tell me
>> what to buy, I'll do it. Thank you all.
>> Richard E. Berlin, Jr.
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