Too much negative camber!!

Fri May 23 23:22:16 EDT 2003

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Actually, I was trying to stay out of this one...  Bernie, I've installed 10
or so of these ECS camber plates, and they work, they are worth every bit of
the money spent on CNC anodized plates, and more important, they do EXACTLY
what they claim to do.

Within a day actually, I was at my alignment shop pre and post install on a
customer car, no other changes.  Camber went from 1.3 neg (max positive) to .7
neg on one side and 1.4 neg to .8 neg on the other.  92 S4 with H&R/Bilstein

I won't even try to build camber plates cuz I have a problem (agree with
Bernie here) that these plates can't address the bump steer problem associated
with dropping quattros.  However, these camber plates can mask most of the bad
effects of dropping including extreme tire wear and tramlining.

I'm intrigued by the demand for suspension mods these lists generate, even
resulting in good money in my shop.  I'm also quite convinced that anyone with a
decent book, tape measure and a string, could quickly learn about quattro
handling beyond "lower is better".  All my cars have the stock front ride height,
always did.  There are much better ways to skin these q's IMO.  Few want to
hear it...  So, TELL a shop guy to do something, fine, I do.  I'll also quickly
suggest that the ECS camber plates are worth every dollar thrown down the
terlit for "lower".  It doesn't solve the bumpsteer problem, but it sure helps
tramlining and tire wear.

WRT Rich's problem, I suggest before anyone buy camber plates, they make sure
the inner lower control arm bushings and swaybar bushings are fresh.  When
you pull the control arm out, don't forget to ck the upper mounting hole in the
subframe for excessive runout.  Also, WRT moving subframes, lot's of btdt
right on the rack.  A big pry bar, and loosen the subframe bolts.  This is a good
way to get that 1 side out of spec camber back in.  IME you lower any
triangulated C/A quattro .5in from stock, you will see 1 side of the camber go out of
spec quickly, the other sits fine.


Scott "TB" Justusson
QSHIPQ Performance Tuning
'91 v8
'87 T44tqw
'84 RS2URQ Project
'83 URQ
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>Off hand I don't believe that moving the stock strut top out to its
>interference point with the tower, by whatever means, would decrease neg
>camber enough to approach zero in Rich Berlin's case.  Inasmuch as I have no
>first hand experience with the use of the '92 mod parts, I am reluctant to
>recomend them.  Maybe you or Keith could lead him to the correct parts.

"Torsen Boy" has more experience with the ECS parts than Dave or I, maybe
he'll get out from under his wife/boss's new V8 long enough to share his
fountain of wisdom.

Keith (turning off the phone)

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