better rear brakes

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Sat May 24 02:23:38 EDT 2003

After reading on this group and looking at a few Audi "preformance
enhancer" sites
I decided that the best combo for me was the Mintex street pads and new
Zimmerman sports rotors. (I was lucky and got both the front and rear
stock OEM Zimmermans cross drilled and slotted and cadium plated for not
much more than regular stock Zimmermans and for the same price as the
Zimmerman Sport rotor which isn’t made for the rear, I believe.)
It is recommended on a couple of excellent brake sites that when
installing new Mintex pads to get new rotors as well.
No dust with the Mintex.
Something to do with the imbedding process.
I also got 4 stainless steel brake lines, a new brake fluid tank with
cap and 3 litres of ATE Super Blue brake fluid (The Motul French brake
fluid is a little superior to the German ATE and considered the best. I
exercised a political economic protest and bought the ATE instead.)
Posts like yours on this newgroup have made me decide against going to
bigger wheels. It seems like what I have read the ride sucks. Maybe not
on 16"  but definitely on 17" and 18".
I was going to go for the bigger 18" wheels with Big Red Calipers,
bigger rotors and the more expensive 18" tires.
I was looking at the minimum of $3,000 to $4,000 grand to do it right
and get the near best.
I too am not going to stock my car but do enjoying smoking 95% of other
cars all the time at at stop lights and desertred curvy highways.  I
smoked a Nissan today fro a stop light. It was childs play. A month ago
I foolishly raced a hot car I cannot name at night down a winding curve
filled road that was 60 to 45 to 60 to 35 to 60 to 45, etc. for about 6
miles with no one else on the road at 2:00 AM. The lower speeds were
curves and not towns or pedestrian areas! We averaged over a 100 MPH for
the full 6 miles. 110 was the highest. I didn’t even check the tach or
boost. I could have smoked him but stayed behind just a foot all the
time thinking that if one of us got a ticket he would as he was ahead of
me. Foolish dumb thinking but it was immensely fun.    I can see why the
Eurolights are very essential to have. You have to really concentrate on
those curves going that fast. A purchase down the road.
I saw an episode of "Cops" just last week where both racers got pulled
over. I always had thought that the car ahead just got it.
The funniest thing I remember is racing some car that was was hopped up
and would go up and down. You know what I mean, those "elevator cars". I
guess they like to rise them as that is the closest that most of those
pieces of shit will get to flying. That bottom of that car would
actually hit the road many times and I get see sparks for multiple times
and a very very long time coming from the bottom of that car. I smoked
it literally.
Anyway, my novice advice for staying stock would be the street
Mintex/Zimmerman rotor(stock,sport or enhanced)  combo with stainless
steel brake lines. makes the best SS brake lines for
our car in my opinion. They are DOT approved with the sleeving. I
learned that if you ever got into a serious accident and the insurance
companies inspected and found that you were driving with non-DOT
approved brake lines you would not be covered.
All of these parts are in my garage awaiting installition.
I will do the coolant system first!

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