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Mike, you might want to look in Colorado.  The 200's still command a good price in the Denver region and are in good condition. I bought my '91 sedan off ebay around a year ago for $6700.  The car was stock w/ 87k miles. I thought that was a very good deal.  Yet like Ben Swann says, I needed to put more than $2k in repairs for items like a fuel pump, redo a loose timing belt (!) and a bunch
of smaller stuff.
There was a 91 200 in Maryland that sold some months ago for $6k+ and the owner wrote in to the list saying that he finally got what he was asking for.

Rakesh Brennig
Boulder, CO
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As I live about 80 miles from anything, it is going to be hard for them to
find any comps in my immediate area. I think that Missoula area has 4 or 5
91 200's total. It is very rare for me to see one on the road.



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