ABS sensor gone wrong

Dr. Adam Gratz dradamgratz at hotmail.com
Mon May 26 18:14:44 EDT 2003


Mine is in the same state. Do your diff lock and cruise control also not
work? Check fuse #12. Is it blown?
I have been chasing this problem for a long time, checking relays, ABS
motor, diff lock relay, reverse light switch, and so on. I had not thought
to check the abs sensors. Take off your wheel and look for a small black
cylindrical sensor pointed at a multi toothed wheel near the hub. You will
see a cable. follow it and look for damage. (don't confuse this with the
brake pad sensor). You should be able to test the sensor with a multi meter,
although I'm not sure if you would be looking at resistance values or...?

Do let me know if your fuse# 12 is blown. This would save me a lot of guess

I'll hunt for a good price on new sensors.


Adam Gratz
91 TQ Avant - with no diff lock, back up lights, cruise control or ABS

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