better rear brakes

auditude at auditude at
Tue May 27 16:23:08 EDT 2003

Hey, so I wasn't seeing things!

Just recently I saw the same exact thing.  I just caught a glimpse of the drilled rotors right before the car pulled away from the light.  I had to do a double take, as the car looked to be brand new and driven by someone that didn't look like an enthusiast at all.

I guess if a car comes stock with drilled rotors, it's okay because the brake system is designed for the reduced mass of the perforated disks versus solid ones.  I would imagine MBZ took care of any cracking issues, from what I understand about their engineering.


CL Wong montesawong at wrote:
> I noticed the other day a very nice Mercedes S class
> big body sedan driven by a senior citizen.  This
> beautiful car was sporting cross drilled front rotors
> and looked to be fresh from the showroom floor.
> Chi

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