FS: boost hoses, radiator, rr pads

Linus Toy linust at mindspring.com
Tue May 27 14:58:22 EDT 2003

Hope this isn't a repeat, but I kept getting bounces from the 200q20v list...

Cleaning the garage...here's a few things I found...off my '91
200q20vt...posting to local and 200q20v lists before a general Audifans post.

Michelin Man hose.  035-145-720A.  Installed about 3 yrs, 30k miles ago, then
replaced with a Samco set earlier this year.  Worked fine when removed.

Pressure hose.  034-145-746N.  Hose from turbo outlet to intercooler x-over
intake, also Y-s into bypass valve.  Original on car, so about 100k miles, then
replaced with Samco hose.  Worked fine when removed.

Lower radiator hose.  447-121-055 D. replaced when radiator and thermostat were
replaced, as a precaution.

AKG radiator (plastic end tanks).  441-121-251-AA.  with outlets for auxilary
radiator.  No cracks or leaks when removed from car.  Replaced only because I
was replacing a bunch of stuff all at once.

Finally, for most Audis, OEM rear bake pad set.  Near new (10.5mm remaining pad
material--my new Porterfields have only 11.5 mm).  Markings on the pad include
"Lucas" and "Jurid 52966" and the VW logo and p/n 4A0 615 415B.

What are these worth?  Make an offer!  Prefer local (Seattle area) buyer, but
willing to ship (plus shipping costs).  Email any questions.  Thanks!

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