Insurance claims (was re. Pics of the accident)

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Someone referred to a person having a hard time selling their 200...the one
with the black paint, and modded wood trim

As a data point for you, I remeber he wound up selling this car for $7000.

Derek P

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>Play harder and hold your ground.  Have the insurance company locate
>you a comparable vehicle within driving distance.  Do some surfin' on
>the net to locate vehicles that would be a suitable substitute and send
>them this info, especially if it helps.  Have them provide a guarantee
>that the replacement car won't need brakes, transmission, etc. shortly
>after you buy it.

Thanks for the positive write up and ideas. I like the idea about asking the
ins co. to provide a guarantee as to the replacement vehicles condition.

As I live about 80 miles from anything, it is going to be hard for them to
find any comps in my immediate area. I think that Missoula area has 4 or 5
91 200's total. It is very rare for me to see one on the road.


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