Part Number Help??

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447 442 887A if your VIN is below 44-K-035 000

447 442 887C if your VIN is above 44-K-035 001

I'm pretty sure you need the "C" hose, as the '91s
are -M- in the VIN, IIRC.

I bought that same hose from Clair Parts in Boston
for about $30, so $25 is a very good price.

The clamp/crimp on the hardline at the pump end is what
usually fails- happened to me this spring, happened to
another lister as well at the same point, must be due
to age.

I always use OEM hydraulic hoses in the car, had too many
1st hand and 2nd hand bad experiences with aftermarket/rebuilt,
but that's MHO.


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Not really a "fat wallet" game going on here...Rod thinks he has the
hose for $25, which isn't really a dig.  Plus, the leak is on the
fitting so I can't do a cut and paste kind of job.  The hose clamp/cap
to the hard line actually spins on the hard line, thus spewing out

I need to get the info to him today, so I'll just get what he thinks
will fit and return if not.

Thanks for the help.

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That hose is the atmo pressure supply hose to the pump. Just cut the old
hose off the pump fitting and get a length of oil resistant hose and new
clamps from your auto supply store. Don't play the fat wallet game!
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> Subject: Part Number Help??
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> Hello Listers:
> I am trying to find the part number for the power steering hose that
> runs
> the pump to the reservoir. It appears my line has been replaced and
> says nothing but "Made in W. Germany." Rod at TPC is having some
> issues with the parts fiche and wants to make sure he doesn't send
> something from another
> 44 pump system. I have compared these visually and they appear to be
> the same...but I'm trying to be safe.
> If someone could rattle off the PN for the 20v, I would really
> apprecaite
> Thanks
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