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DAK dak at
Fri May 30 01:01:32 EDT 2003

Right, you definitely can't get away with hose clamps on the high
pressure side. They won't even compress the high pressure hose stock!
The shop I used put 4500 psi hose on there and used a pneumatic crimper.
Looks great and obviously works very well (no leaks, cost less, less
filling... :-))


David Head wrote:
> What happens here - as with all of the crimped hydraulic hose fittings
> is the the rubber shrinks and hardens so the crimp looses its
> effectiveness. You can do the hose clamp repair on all of the low
> pressure fittings. I wouldn't recommend it on the high pressure side...
> DAK wrote:
>> Right, that is something that can be fixed. that "cap" as you call it is
>> really the crimp. You'd remove that crimp altogether and replace it with
>> either a hose clamp (as Bernie suggests) or take it to a local hydraulic
>> shop and they'd put a new crip on (along with about 2 bucks worth of
>> hose).
>> This was the problem with my suction hose. My rack to resevoir hose also
>> spun freely, but didn't leak yet... still, while I was in there...
>> David
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