7A vs 3B C/R Head chambers, now head games

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Sorry, it's been politely pointed out to me that I got stupid at the end in
not adding the static volume back into the dynamic, then dividing by the
static figure for rough CR figures, (445.2 + 45 or 46 or ???) / 45 or 46 or
??? to come up with guesses for approx CR's based on static head chamber
numbers alone.

mea culpa.

One other anecdotal "data" point.  In my perusal of the 4 valve per cylinder
VW/Audi world some time ago, I believe the 46cc figure is fairly commonly
tossed "cassually" arround as a working figure for static combustion volume
for many VW 1.8 and 2.0 liter 16v heads.  What I haven't seen discussed or
elaborate on, is whether tha 46cc's is inclusive of, or excludes other
portential static volumes, or if its an actual measured value, or a word of
mouth or "computed"or guestimated figure.  In other words, does 46cc's
include (a) head gasket or (b) piston to deck height or (c) piston head dish
volumes?  I don't know.

Last, least one gets too proud of the Audi 20v heads "superior" technology,
here's one experts (but very old, circa 1988) counterpoint:

Last, Keith, or anyone else on the East side of the big pond, have you had
any experices with, or know of Dave Baker of "Puma Race Engines (London -
England) specialists in flow development & engine work"?


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