Freon to R134

Brian Link BrianL at
Fri May 30 11:28:11 EDT 2003

Lots of people have converted R-12 to 134 on our cars and older 5k's.
You really do loose 10 -15% efficiency with 134 and you have to flush
all the old oil out of the system cause 134 will react with the r12 oil.
I used a Freon substitutive called enviro-freeze (I think), that works
as good as R12.  I think it is $6 a can and I put in 2.5 cans ( try .  Temp from vents is around 40F
after a few minutes.  I also noticed my compressor sapping less power,
which could be due to me adding new oil or all in my head.


>Hope I have the code number correct.  Have any of you upgraded from
>Freon to R134.  If so, what did cost and how is it working?
>I spoke to an AC place today and they indicated that if you have
>control (we do) you might not want to upgrade.  I'm not entirely sure
>what the guy was trying to relate, but he mentioned something to the
>effect that there's a sensor on the compressor, and that if it the
>sensor did or did not do something that R134 might not have enough
>hutzpah to cool the system the way freon does.  Anyone know what the
>heck he's talking about?
>TIA for collective help and wisdom.
>Greg J

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