Part number help.

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>Subject: Part Number Help??
>Date: Fri, 30 May 2003 13:05:16 EDT
>(The guy at the counter gave me this.)
>On ETKA Model A20Q Yr 91 MG:4 SG:22 Illustration 43-10
>the power steering hose that runs from
>the pump to the reservoir
>There may be two:
>(10) 447 422 887 A suction hose (F*) 44-K-035-000*
>this may be a vin split but I don't know.
>then 447 422 887 C suction hose (F*) 44-K-035-001

I think the difference between the two hoses is the type of seal used.  The
earlier ones require crush washers on either side of the "banjo" the bolt
goes through.  The later ones require O-rings as seals.  When I replaced
that hose on my 200q20v a couple years ago, the one I took off had the
O-rings in it.  The one Carlsen Audi sent me (back in the days of Linda)
was the older one that needed crush washers.  Fortunately, I had some around.

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