WGFV, aka N75 valve

auditude at cox.net auditude at cox.net
Thu Nov 20 17:48:31 EST 2003

Hey list!

Nice to have the list back.  I was climbing the walls initially, when I found out I was having low boost in my 200q20v.  Turns out the N75 valve stopped working.

I tested it electrically, and it had resistance.  It was open or shorted, in other words.  No response when voltage was applied to the pins (nothing from the output tests, obviously).

I supposedly have a new one coming in, but I was wondering what the lists experience with this valve is.  Do they fail often?

My internet searching for info on this valve turned up with a world of stuff about the 1.8t folks changing their valves to different part numbers to get more boost.  ECS offers a "H" valve with the part number removed apparently (H is stock for ur-S4/S6's).  

My 200q20v initially had an "F" valve in it, but the replacement I'm told is a "J" valve, which is another version used by some 1.8t peeps.  I guess some setups require one valve over another due to spiking or triggering the check engine light or limp home mode.

Has anyone had to change theirs, or maybe experimented with using a different part number than the stock one?

Also, I had to try to fix the instrument cluster on my 200.  The autocheck display was tripping out too.  I haven't put the cluster back in to see if it fixed it.



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