WGFV, aka N75 valve

Phil Rose pjrose at frontiernet.net
Thu Nov 20 19:34:32 EST 2003

At 12:48 PM -0500 11/20/03, <auditude at cox.net> wrote:
>I supposedly have a new one coming in, but I was wondering what the 
>lists experience with this valve is.  Do they fail often?
>My internet searching for info on this valve turned up with a world 
>of stuff about the 1.8t folks changing their valves to different 
>part numbers to get more boost.  ECS offers a "H" valve with the 
>part number removed apparently (H is stock for ur-S4/S6's).
>My 200q20v initially had an "F" valve in it, but the replacement I'm 
>told is a "J" valve, which is another version used by some 1.8t 
>peeps.  I guess some setups require one valve over another due to 
>spiking or triggering the check engine light or limp home mode.
>Has anyone had to change theirs, or maybe experimented with using a 
>different part number than the stock one?

AFAIK, the operation of this valve is simply a matter of being fully 
ON or OFF, with the ECU controlling the ON/OFF duty cycle (%). So I 
wonder how "more boost" can be accomplished by modifying the valve. I 
suppose the valve could possibly be made more robust. Does it fail 
often? Well, they probably go at least 100K--is that often? I 
replaced my original (I assume) WGFV about 3 yrs ago, at about 120K. 
It appears to have been an "F". I've lost the label from the 
replacement package, so can't say what version I have now.


Phil Rose
Rochester, NY
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