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Thu Nov 20 15:09:11 EST 2003

braking reflects a warped rotor condition, as a once around pulsation of the
pedal, or whether braking action has been smooth, indicating true rotors.
If the former, you may want to have the rotors trued/turned, or if not bad
just put up with a minor inconvience.  If the latter, you most probably need
do nothing with the rotors.  A little wear ridge on the rotors will require
a short break in period for the new pads, but no problem.  If you decide to
replace rotors, be aware that there are two different non-interchangable
versions, the break point being at VIN# -MN 005 557, the difference being
the rotor to hub locating fastner.

The Bently for this car shows you how to remove the rotor and change the
pads.  A simple job which is easy to figure out without the Bentley.

If I can be of further help, ask.


> From: "digital leopard" <digitaleopard at>
> Date: Fri, 17 Nov 2000 12:45:08 GMT
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> Subject: [200q20v] Help-UFO brake problems!
> Ok, I've had my 91' 200 for about a year now, and love driving it.  Had my
> warning indicator for the brakes come on last week, so I took her into
> Werner Masterwerks today.  BAD news-the UFOs are shot, and I need new rotors
> and pads.  And the rotors cost a ton.  And I am, of course, currently
> unemployed.  Have been looking into brake options, but am not sure which way
> to go.  For right now, want to go the cheapest way possible-so that means
> a) finding a used set of rotors somewhere, or
> b) back/updating the brakes to the non-UFO spec.
> For option (a), does anyone have a used set they want to sell?  (And just
> how big of a pain will it be to do the UFO's myself?)  And for option (b),
> does anyone have any advice about this?  Should I scavenge the brakes from
> an earlier 100/200 non-UFO setup, or buy the upgrade kit the shop says Audi
> sells to replace the UFOs?
> And (in the longer term, when I can afford it) does anyone have a preference
> as to brake upgrades?  2Bennett and Moveit have kits-any preference?  Other
> suggestions?  Thanks for the help.
> Ron Merrell.
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