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Thu Nov 20 15:09:11 EST 2003

dealerships, and for us!  You can't even take a chance on firing them, because the
competency level of the replacement workforce is either unknown (scary enough) or, again,
through experience, known all too well (much scarier).  My only remedy to your dilemma is
to use the time-proven method of asking to be taken to the leader of each level of
incompetence, until you reach someone who has the power to say "yes."  If you reach
someone with this power, you at least will know that you have gone as far as you can
before you have to sue.  Let me know how it works out.  Regards, Tom Donohue

-J J- wrote:

> I am going to talk to the dealer on monday I hope. It is a 45 minute drive
> away, so all communication has been over the phone, with a 'service rep' who
> does not know much about the specifics of car repair, especially for 200
> 20v's all she says is what the mechs report to her. A pretty much excat
> quote from her was "The car is smoking so badly that we cannot legally work
> on it, and the reason for this is because it has no catalytic converters, if
> we work on it we will lose our permit. The fumes made several of our workers
> ill"
> Since I havent talked to anyone who actually worked on the car, I am a bit
> unclear on whether this is exactly the problem. I am very disappointed that
> they woll not even offer any help in this matter. Hopefully when I come in I
> will be able to clear things up, otherwise I will contact AoA. I do not know
> the legality of driving without cats, I have never seriously considered not
> having them, so I have not checked. Does anyone know the law in Michigan (it
> would be hard to enforce since there are no emission checks). No clue on the
> codes since I have not talked with a mech, as I said.
>                                    Hoping for an Audi before too long,
>               John
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