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Thu Nov 20 15:09:11 EST 2003

AUB1 [P/N]
UPC # 63537 02003


The SoundGate AUB1 allows the replacement of factory Bose radios in these
vehicles with high-performance aftermarket receivers or CD players. Using
the new receiver's speaker lead outputs, the AUB1 perfectly matches the new
receiver to the unique operational requirements of the Bose amplifiers and


Speaker type inputs

Perfecetly matches your new receiver to your vehicle's amplifiers

Sohpisticated, sold-state design

Unsurpassed reliability

Supports 4 channels"

This device WORKS GREAT and I highly recommend it. Cost was ~$75US from
Crutchfield about 1.5-2 years ago. The device is about the size of a pack of
cancer-tubes, but thinner. It is wholly contained within a black anodized
heat-sink and has the look and feel of high quality. Instructions supplied
were simple, accurate and complete. Installation including the Sony
CD/Receiver I purchsed from Crutchfield at the same time was < 1hr. I used
the recommended vehicle wiring plug-in cable adapter from Crutchfield.
Crutchfield also supplied a recommended extra-cost relay to switch the Bose
amps on/off automatically via the head-unit as the Sony's internal switch is
only rated 1 amp. The relay was just a standard Bosch relay like you might
use with Eurolights or as a remote fuel-pump relay, nothing special really,
but it did make for a complete kit. The guys at Crutchfield appeared to
understand the issues involved with this vehicle and the Bose system very
well. I would definitely buy another Soundgate AUB1 converter had I a need
for another. (The Wife's wagon does not have the Bose system)Crutchfield
appears to offer good technical advice and support and I would do business
with them again.



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