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Thu Nov 20 15:09:11 EST 2003

the operation are a ok, and while a new part could have problems out of the 
box, my suspicion is no.

I'd feel confident the systems working par excalant.

Derek P

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>From: "Steve Bednarski" <stevebednarski at>
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>Date: Sat, 14 Jul 2001 11:41:53 -0400
>Subject: [200q20v] After run cooling system relay question
>I have recently replaced my after run temp sensor as my after run turbo
>cooling pump and radiator fan have not (as in never) been coming on.
>Today is a much cooler day than usual and I haven't been able to make the
>after run pump and radiator fan engage after the temp sensor replacement.
>I did jumper across the two wires connecting to the temp sensor and the
>radiator fan turned on promptly.  Does this last test indicate that the
>after run relay is O.K.?  If so, I'll just wait for hotter weather.
>Thanks in advance,
>Steve Bednarski
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