[200q20v] Headlight Protection Films

Jack Walker jwalker at wy-east.com
Thu Nov 20 15:09:11 EST 2003

Hello list,

I've been watching the  list discuss packing tape and 3M scotchcal films for a couple of days now.
If a group buy is in order I would be happy to join in, or seeing as how my company is in the business of producing vehicle graphics with 3M products including Scotchcal I would be happy to order the proper product for the group, and pass on the discount as I can!
I am contacting the local 3M rep to idenitify the exact product to purchase! I'll let the group know exactly what he recommends as soon as he responds, WHEN HE DOES!
Please keep in mind 3M warranties are pretty difficult to collect on! Authorized Applicator, that's a laugh! You ought to see the hurdles they place on us if we wish to collect on a claim. Our company purchases literally thousands of dollars of 3M product and our claim ratio sucks! My thought on any type of films regardless if it's packing tape or 20mil film is it's only going to be protection. If Stonegaurd is actually replacing headlights at $700 a pair their price for whatever film they sell is pretty cheap! I'd say we should all go that way!

Happy to help, if I can. I'm in the process of trying to collect from my insurance company right now for another cracked headlight. That's another hurdle! I ski a ton during the winter here and it's my third headlight in 2 years!

Jack Walker
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