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right at, or a bit past the better claims I've seen made for VW 16v Head
intake numbers (although the 250cfm @ 24" of h20 I suspect was a typo, and
should have read 25".)  If in fact 250 cfm is something that can be done
with an Audi 20v head, it represents a substantial increase.  But I have to
say, I've also been told the 'best' that's been obtained in a "big" valve,
i.e. the intake valves were both taken out to 34mm, was 231 cfm at (& here
the figures I have may not be completely accurate) "50 thousandths lift."
As usual, apparently everyone's mileage, along with their bar bill, is
probably going to vary quite a bit.

Actually though, I'm not as interested in peak lift flow numbers, as in the
improvements, if any to be had in initial lift (.050"), through mid range,
say .300 lift.

Do you know of anyone running more than .400" of lift in their engines or
tests for either intake or exhaust?


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<< .400   188.2   190.3 193.6     194.4 188.2>>

At Eurospec I spent some time porting a 16v head, I got about 250cfm at
lift levels, playing with a 5v head we got over 300...there are definitely
improvements that can be made with your above those #'s.

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