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Thu Nov 20 15:09:11 EST 2003

the fact that I have no manifold to begin with, and was quoted $500 for a used 3B
manifold and throttle body, and it starts to seem practical.  For me to try to save
money by doing the porting of the 3B manifold, I'd have to get a hold of the manifold
first.  The cost of the stock manifold, plus the porting, is what I would have to weigh
against the RS2 manifold (or a custom one).

I figure I can budget myself up to $3k or so to get a complete motor in 20vt
configuration.  The efi stuff will be a good portion of that, but if I started with a stock
AAN, I might replace the EM, ex. cam, injectors, and all that other stuff anyways, so
to get an equivalent final motor from a stock AAN would require an even larger

Another thing that I might be inclined to do is to invest the money for the parts into an
actual welding class and possibly a TIG welder so I can make my own stuff in
aluminum.  Time is not a concern, as this is all for fun and education, and it'll be
running in 10vt mode until I figure out the 20vt details.

> I wouldn't go to any great lengths to change the routing of the
> intake on the 3B.  It obviously works pretty well :-)

My exception to that sound logic is that I have no 3B manifold to reroute, because it
will all be basically from scratch.  I have only the 7A head without any manifolds,
which is intended to get into the 4kstq project at some future date.  So, I can either
go with the 3B/RS2 style, or go with a front-mounted TB like the SQ.

But I would be interested in a stock 3B manifold, if anyone has one for sale.  I need a
TB too (yeah, I wrote that in the other post too, I know).



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